AGES 15 - 21


Overnight Camp for Youth

Camp activities include:


  • Swimming and Canoeing
  • Survivor and Mud Hero type Team Games
  • Paintball
  • ATV Riding

There are also age appropriate Bible Lessons, Art and Crafts and a professional Worship music band.

Campers enjoy much more freedom than at our children’s camps and we make sure that each day brings something new for campers to enjoy.

Fire Camp

Fire Camp is a camp for young men and women, ages 15 to 21. This is continuation of our Tropinka Camp for teens and young adults. This camp is specifically designed for this age group with age appropriate activities and supervision.

Our Camp Fire Staff are made up of our Senior Tropinka Staff from Toronto and Montreal. At this camp you can expect our camp directors to become camp councilors and our camp councilors to become campers.

We started this camp in 2018 and it was a huge hit. The teens and young adults enjoyed all the fun and fellowship they had at camp. They loved being campers again.

This camp is offered in Ontario and the main program is in Russian Language which allows campers from Ontario and Quebec to attend this camp.