Tropinka has started in Ontario in 2009 by Alexander Krupin and Alexei Lvinskyi.  With the support of the Ukrainian Bible Camp Tropinka camp welcomed its first campers in the summer of 2010.  The Ukrainian Bible Camp (UBC) has an excellent camp property on Pigeon Lake with many camp buildings already constructed in the late 1970’s by the previous wave of immigrants.  Alexander Krupin organized the business and the organizational side of the camp and Alexei Lvinskyi has brought a wealth of experience of being a program director for children’s camps in Ukraine and Russia.  The vision for the camp was established as a Russian speaking camp that provides a high quality camping experience to children from the Toronto community while educating them in the basics of the Christian faith.  Many young adults and teenagers from Canada and the United States have joined the leadership team in Toronto to form a community of staff and volunteers that create a safe and fun environment for the campers.  Several hundred children have attended our camp over the years and over 60% of our campers are returning from year to year.
In 2013 Yevheniy Mykhailov from Montreal Quebec has expressed a desire to start a Tropinka Camp in Montreal.  Yevheniy was joined by Olga Moskalenko as a senior staff member and with the support of Ontario leadership staff camp Tropinka in the province of Quebec was started in 2014.  Tropinka in Quebec has formed a good partnership relationship with Camp Frontier Lodge and it is using its facilities, experience and staff members to help run our Russian speaking camp on Lake Wallace, 2 hours away from Montreal.  Camp Tropinka Quebec has become a popular choice for the Russian speaking families in Montreal.
Today Tropinka is the largest Russian speaking overnight camp in Canada.  Our aim to excel in all aspects of providing overnight camp experience to the Russian speaking children in Canada.  We carefully select and train our staff members to make sure that children continue to enjoy our camp in a safe and fun environment.  We are hoping that in the years to come our existing operations in Ontario and Quebec will be expanded and new overnight camp locations will be opened throughout Canada and the United States.